Thursday, June 9, 2011

I will be a mother? Oh, no!

Aleona (in green shirt) with the new Batch 6 students

“And now, you will conceive in your womb…” (Luke 1:31)
“How can this be, since I am a virgin?” (Luke 1:34)

As I start my mission and accept my responsibility as an intern in IFFAsia, this Bible text reminds me of my situation today. I am the head of a household where I am entrusted to take good care of six beautiful ladies from different countries in Asia. Two of them come from Laos, and one each from China, Mongolia, Myanmar, and Malaysia. I will be their temporary mother for 10 – 11 months of their formation at IFFAsia. A 24-year-old young lady like me taking good care of these young ladies? I became an instant mother. Now, I can relate with Mary when she had her first call.

As I reflect on my situation, I find it funny how God planned everything when I said yes to His call for me to be an intern. At first, I didn’t know what will be my assigned task; I just accepted the call. I find it funny because my greatest dream is just simply to be a mother. I desire to have my own family in the future. As I am reaching out for my dream, God is already preparing me for this through my mission. Amazing, isn’t it? I will have a taste of how it will be. However, it is far different than usual because my “children” are all grown up, with almost the same age as me - 22 – 26 years old.

My mission is a bit tiring because I need to be with them always. The household is a place where we build a small family. I take part in the daily tasks like cooking, dishwashing or cleaning our home. When we are in sessions, I am their sister who will assist them with their needs. When they start their studies at Saint Vincent School of Theology (SVST) this June, I will be their classmate in one of their subjects. When they need a person to share, play, go with, I can be their friend. Every day, we eat, clean, cook, pray, and study together; this is almost the same as when I was a student last year, but I had different responsibilities. I must also set a good example for them, and it is not easy. I keep on asking myself, how can I accompany these young people, hoping that in the end they will be good disciples of Jesus? I just started less than a month ago (May 8, 2011), and it is my first time to do it.

It will not be easy for me; however I am still happy because I have my community to journey with me. During my mission I won’t only give, but will also receive. I will learn from the students how to be a good mother, sister, friend and classmate. This will also be a place where I can continue my personal formation and deepen my relationship with God. My objective this year is to let my heart be filled with God’s love as I continue my love story with him. And as love overflows in my heart, I will share it with others. I will keep on reminding myself of my call every time I struggle.

Aside from that, my prayer life helps me a lot to have a peaceful, happy and good disposition in spite of my busy day. I try my best to set a time for prayer every morning before I start my tasks, and for journaling of my reflections before I sleep. It is not easy, but it is helping me to have strength to go on throughout the day.

Yes! I will be a mother, sister, friend, and classmate for them, not only for the 6 ladies in my household, but for the 13 young disciples in Asia. I will do my best! “Let it be done with me according to your will.” (Luke 1:38)

Aleona Natalio belonged to Batch 5 (school year 2010-2011) of the Basic Formation Program at IFFAsia. This year, she continues to be at the Institute as an intern. One of her tasks is to be responsible of one of two households of students belonging to the incoming Batch 6 (schoolyear 2011-2012). This is her reflection on her new mission.

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