Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Birth of a New Community (5)

During the offertory, we offered the following symbols representing the Spirituality of Fondacio:

The aung da byay pan leaves symbolize our Spirituality of Blessing. In Myanmar, the leaves are loved by the people, who believe in the good wishes and luck they bring. These leaves are always used to welcome and bless a family member after a long journey. Today, in Fondacio, we bless and welcome the birth of a new family, a new community after the long waiting.

Rice symbolizes our Spirituality of Communion. In Asia, rice is considered as the “food of life”, served in every meal and shared by every one in the family. In Fondacio, we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, the one who gives life. We are called to share this life by living in unity with our brothers and sisters.

The Fondacio candle represents our Apostolic Spirituality. This candle was received by the Country Responsible during the 2008 International Congress. It represents the passing on of the light of Christ to His workers for the mission in Myanmar. We are called to integrate our faith and action to reach out to our brothers and sisters who are in need of the light of Jesus Christ.

Carol Daria
Fondacio Myanmar

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